Arvilla BonaDell Bogle’s Diary January 1, 1932

From her Daddy D.M. Marshall

Friday January 1, 1932

Greetings!!  Helped usher in 1932 at the Orpheum Theater in Spokane Wash. With the Buddy Boy Riley (none other than John d’Kanter Riley). 

The next chapter is that of one John Somers, this afternoon Johnnie interrupted David O’Halloran and I just as we were leaving the “Ramona” for Lourdes.  Needless to say Lourdes missed Arvilla.  The afternoon was very pleasantly spent- -Oh well! We won’t go into that.  Too make a long year short, I saw 3 shows in 24 hours and wound up with Hermina.

Saturday January 2, 1932

Oh-hum!! We are just beginning to wake up from all this celebration to the fact that 1932 is really here.

Hermina stole out of bed at 9:45 and left for home.  Ramona left about 11 A.M. for work and I was left with the messiest apartment.  John arrived about 11’oclock on this scene and helped me clean up. Christmas tree, etc. etc.  Went flying down the shoot. We had lunch together and then it was time for me to go to work.

After work that night Joh Elwood Tucker and his girl came up to the apartment with me. We found Dave & Ramona there – nothing much doing.   All left early (surprising) and so ended the 2nd day of the new year.

Sunday January 3, 1932

Just finished the weekly routine of washing cases.  Glad that is over with. Clara will soon be here and I can go home.  Mr. Riley, Buddy Francis & Pat were down.

Ramona and I came home together.  Dave and Yvonne were up.  Ramona left for work.  Bud Riley came but left because John Somers came.  I am writing while john reads the funny papers.

John, Tucker and I went up to Hermina’s in the evening and played cards until 1:15.  Hermina & me got beat something terrible.

When we returned to the apt. Ramona was in bed and oh – what a pleasant surprise to find that Sandy Balsom & Floyd Provance were up looking for me.  I suppose I will see Sandy tomorrow.  Anyway I hope so.

I wrote to Grandpa and Daddy.

Monday January 4, 1932

A little tired this morning but cleaned up the apt.  Papa was in for lunch.  Am going to do some mending now. John just called and said he wouldn’t be down.

Was so thrilled, when sitting in the back of Riley’s wrapping Baby Stink, I heard Sandy ask for Sn orange. I was so glad to see him.  He was just as full of life as ever.  Sandy was in 4 times during the evening.  Lloyd came in once with Sandy and saying so quietly “hello Snosnic”.

Bud Riley brought me home.  Sandy came up about mid-night and stayed for a couple of hours.  I don’t know what happened but I seemed to feel different towards Sandy and still do. Maybe it will change when I see Sandy tonight.  I almost wish he had never returned.

Tuesday January 5 1932

Oh boy, did I sleep.  Until quarter to 11.  Told Sandy last night not to come up and now I wish I hadn’t Oh, well may be it is just as well.

Sandy and Lloyd came in to Riley’s about 4:30.  Clara told them I was sick but I appeared on the scene about that time.  Sandy came rushing in about 10 O’clock.  Just about made Ted Riley think it was a hold up.  Running to the back of the store Sandy said “Let me tell you something sister.”  He hadn’t noticed Ted and his wife in one of the booths. 

John called.  He is having an awful time with a boil.  I guess I care a lot for John.  Anyway I will be glad to see him tomorrow.

I waited up ‘til 12:30 for Sandy but as he didn’t come, went to bed.  He arrived at 2:15.  Had been testing out over the air.  He is leaving town tomorrow.

Wednesday January 6, 1932

Well, Sandy was here and left.  He was wonderful.  We went for a ride around the block.  He said he would be back someday.  I made him promise to send me a picture of himself.  I don’t know why but I would like one just as a remembrance. 

John arrived about 3 minutes after Sandy left.  His leg was so stiff from that awful boil.  He stayed until I had to go to work.  John called in the evening from Tucker’s place.  Said they wouldn’t be down.  Ira, Tucker’s friend called.  He was a little worried because Tucker had tried to get together and wasn’t able to.  Came home alone alone.  Stopped at “Goodies” and got 2 wiener sandwiches.

Thursday January 7, 1932

That darn John calling at the unheard of hour of 10A.M. and getting me out of bed.  But I guess it was about time to get up anyway.  Went to town with Ramona as she went to work.  Had to draw $20.00 out of the bank to pay up some of my Christmas bills.  Got goods for a dress and now I can’t find the pattern. 

John walked home with me.  Ramona was huffy so he left early.

I don’t know what to think about John.  He told me last night, in what seemed like all earnestness, that he wouldn’t see me anymore because I deserved someone who could give me more.  Anyway that is how it sounded to me.  I hope that doesn’t happen because I like John’s company.

Friday January 8, 1932

After much searching, found patter so cut out dress.  John came up about noon and watched me for a while.  About 2P.M. Tucker came up so I got dressed we went up to Manito to skate.  No ice so returned.  Found Papa, Ramona and Yvonne Waller home.  Tuck and Johnny brought me to work.  Tuck went to Cheney to play basketball and he and John walked home with me after work.

Ramona and Dave came in about mid-night.  I started washing my hair in broke up the party.

Saturday January 9, 1932

Dad and Alan were both in before we had cleaned up the apartment.  Dad stayed for lunch and then, I sewed a little on my dress.  John called about noon.  John came up about 2:30.  Took a bath and so to work.  Nothing much happening.  I wish I would get the office job.  I am so tired of working nights of course it is a job and I am grateful for that.

Tucker came in about 9:30, John about 10P.M.  John walked home with me.  Ramona and Dave were there.  John stayed until Tuck called for him about 2A.M. Hurried to bed because I have to go to work early on Sunday. 

Ramona and I decided to look for ___ unfurnished apt.

Sunday January 10, 1932

Boy, it is hard to get up Sundays.  Ramona just called and said she didn’t have time to clean the apt.!? Oh _ell!?  Have Riley’s cleaned up so can go home as soon as Clara comes.  Hope something interesting happens today.  Can’t find my pen so will continue to write with the new eversharp ____punch boards.

Ramona met me after work and we looked for apartments.  No success.  Returned home and got cleaned up.  Played bridge at O’Hallerans until 6:30 when John and Tucker called for me.  Picked up Tuck’s girl and we opened the evening at Johnny’s.

Played 2 games of Pinochle. I have been forced to admit I’m not a very good player. Expect Ramona and Alan out but they couldn’t find the place.

Monday January 11, 1932

Ought to put this down in gold.  Got up at 9:15.  Cleaned up the apt. and then, sewed on my dress. Mrs. O’Halleran came up and looked at it.  Louisiana came in but left when Johnny came.  I tried my best to sew but wasn’t very successful.  Bud informed me he was up last night.  He didn’t phone so it wasn’t my fault I wasn’t here.  Received a letter from Dad today.

Ramona came home with me.  She had gone to a show and then me.  Left Somers working hard.

Well nothing exciting happening so will go to bed.

Tuesday January 12, 1932

Finished my dress all except the hem. It fits pretty good.  Papa came in about noon.  Brought a letter from Mother.  I guess they are going to move out to that dairy.  He stayed for lunch.

John came about 10’clock.  He washed the dishes for me. I ask him and Tuck to come out to the lake Sunday if we go.  Ramona will be 18 years old.

John and Tuck came down to Riley’s about 9:30 just after Francis and Somers left.  John asked if he should wait and walk home with me but I told him he better go home with Tuck.  I don’t suppose they went home but what’s the difference?  Am trying to get Ramona to put my dress on so I can mark it so I can hem it.

Found a paper clipping of Goldie’s marriage to Sidney Louisiana. Boy from Molson brought it into Riley’s.

Wednesday January 13, 1932

Got up when Ramona went to work. Oh, boy, was it snowing I went up to the store to get some bias tape to fix the hem of my dress.  I believe I have more bias tape on this dress than goods. Dad was in for lunch.

John called and said he would see me in the evening.  Somers and John came down to Riley’s about 7:30. John left but came back at 11:00.  Somers left about 10:15

Ramona was in for a few minutes but left with Alan.  She was asleep when John and I got home.  John didn’t stay very long so I went to bed and slept soundly.  Anyway, I think I did.

Thursday January 14, 1932

Lots of snow this morning. I think it will be coasting instead of skating Sunday.  Dad is here shaving.  I am trying to cut out a waist for my jumper.

Tuck came in.  Wrecked his car at a red light crossing so came up to the apartment until it was fixed.  John arrived about 20 minutes later.  We went out and got some cleaning gas and something for lunch.  Tuck couldn’t stay for lunch but Dad, John and I ate together.

John came down to Riley’s about 10P.M.  Said he had taken Mrs. Tuskie to a basketball game and refeed the game (lots of fun).  Took some of the girls home (not so good).  He walked home with me but left in time to catch the 12:30 streetcar home. Ramona was a pest as usual.

Called Roxy. Said Midge had a baby on Jan. 4

Friday January 15, 1932

Decided to have my hair cut today so went down to the Palace about 11A.M.  Never been in their beauty salon before.  Satisfied however.  Bought goods and pattern for a cotton print dress.  Think it is going to be pretty.  Met Nellie Meecham in Palace. Wanted me to join her and Kay O’Shanynessey for lunch but decided to go home.

Found one John Somers curled up on the davenport nearly asleep. Note from Dad saying he had been up. Ramona came up about 2:00 and loved my dress (will wonders never cease?) Looked new pattern.  Think I will cut out dress tomorrow. 

John walked down to work with me. Bud was down.  Asked me how the clock was working.  Slim was as big a tease as ever.  I was sacking peanuts tonight.  Bud wants me to go skating tomorrow.  Don’t know whether I will or not. Wish Johnny was coming down tonight.  He called at 10P.M.   Mary Crosen?) was in.  Tuck came about 10P.M.  Thought Johnny might be __________.

Saturday January 16, 1932

Ramona left about 6:30 for work.  Dad came in about 9.  I got up as soon as he left.   Bud came at 10:30 but I decided to finish the wash and not go skating.  Dad came back for lunch.  Babe and Alan both called.  Alan said he wouldn’t be able to go to the lake.  John and a friend of his were in the afternoon!

Charlie Weiss and his wife were into Riley’s this evening. It is the first time I saw his wife.  She was very sweet. Received a letter from Mother. 

Had a terrible headache.  Ramona called saying she was going to a dance. I felt so bum I went right home after work.  John walked home with me. Tucker was up for a few minutes.  Left his basketball clothes.  Ramona came in about 2 o’clock but left again.  I felt a little better.  Here’s a resolution: To be more _____ in the future.

Sunday January 17, 1932

Ramona straggled into bed about 5A.M.  I was too sleepy to wish her “Happy Birthday” so did so when I got up at 9 to go to work.  Alan came down to the store about 10:30.  Still is ____ his dad told him not to go to the lake. Clara arrived at 1:15, so I got home early.

John and Tuck came up. Tuck and Ramona went down to Davenports to get her birthday cake. Alan and Phil came just after they left.  We had cake and coffee when Ramona and Tucker returned.  Tuck and John went skating.  Ramona and I went to see “Greta Garbo and _________ _____________”  Alan brought Ramona the loveliest flowers.

When Tuck and John returned from skating Ramona and Tuck fixed a lunch.  John and I did the dishes and after which we played cards until 12 o’clock. The boys left and we tumbled into bed. 2 tired girls.

Monday January 18, 1932

Ramona left early. I had to get up and sign for a package at 10:00.  So decided to stay up.  Cleaned the apt.  John came at 12:15 but left at 1o’clock as he had to help his mother prepare a party for Somers.  I wrote to mother and ironed a few pieces. Am going to cut out a dress now.

Ramona came at 2:30.  Brought a new shade for the lamp.  It is very melodramatic.  Hope it lasts longer than the one I bought.

John came down about 10.  Had the car driving Tuck and one of his girls around.  Called for me at 11o’clock.  We drove out to Dartford.  John called me “Miss Aloofness”.  I think I know why, but I felt just that way.  Was so surprised when he mentioned it.  Ramona was in bed when I got in.

Tuesday January 19, 1932

Slept until 20 to 10. Ramona didn’t have to go to work until noon.  Finished cutting out my dress and started sewing on it. John came up about 1:00. Babe called twice for Ramona.  Had a few words with Ramona this morning.  Hope she is okay tonight.

A fellow came in from the Fox for a malt tonight.  Thought for a while he was Bill who stays at the O’Halleran’s.  I’ll bet he thought I was very familiar.  He seemed rather nice.  Certainly didn’t think much of marriage.  Must have been disalluciended (mom’s spelling).

Called up Hermina.  She was at Alice’s. Was going to stay all night at her place but will wait until tomorrow night now.  Ramona was just in.   We got along just beautifully.  John rolled about 10. Said he wouldn’t be down.  Alan and Phil came home with me.  Didn’t stay long.

Wednesday January 20, 1932

Took a bath as soon as I got up. Then, I did a little sewing on my dress. John came by around noon. Stayed until I went to work.  After this when Johnny boy comes up I am going to sew (anyway try to).  Ramona came in just as we were leaving.  She is going to a dance tonight.  I am going out to Hermina’s .  Johnny ask if it would be alright if he went to a party Friday night.  This begins to look serious.  I don’t suppose then he wouldn’t go if I said no.

Del was in.  He is playing upstairs tonight.  Ramona dropped in after work.  She had sprained her ankle. Alan and Phil were in.  Going out to Lois and OSelles’s Thought Somers would be down but hasn’t so far.  9p.m. Hermina called.  Johnny called at 9:30. Said he might be up tomorrow.  Had to take the streetcar up to Hermina’s.  Hermina read my horoscope at 2A.M.

Thursday January 21, 1932

Got up the earliest in history 8:30.  Mrs. Mehlest was up for lunch.  Mrs. Stremich had a lovely dinner.  Sewed a little on my dress.  Mrs. McCadam and Mrs. Hipperson were in.  Said Ernest got back from Seattle.  Rushed up to the apt. before work.  Ramona was there.

Somers was down working. Arthur Velguth was in about 10. Hadn’t been down for nearly 2 months.  Said to call him at the Club if I wanted him, but I hardly think that will be necessary.

Dad came into Riley’s.  Said they were moving on Saturday.

Alan and Phil brought me home.  Ramona was in bed.  John was supposed to be down but didn’t show up.  Told me he was refereeing a basketball game but would be ____ afterwards.   But you can never depend on a man.

Friday January 22, 1932

John arrived about 10:30.  Said he had gone to Newport the night before and didn’t get back until 5A.M.  Left at 11 to go home and get some sleep.  Tuck came for him.

Finished my dress and had just laid down for a rest when John came back.  I was going down town but didn’t.  Ramona was up about 2.  Mrs Mehlest called to ask for pattern.

John came down in the evening stayed until 9:15.  He called about 20 to 10 from the Service Station. Said he was going home.

Arthur was in.  He is leaving for a wonderful trip to New York tomorrow.  May go down to Cuba.  Hope he sends me cards from different places.  It would have been wonderful to have able to go with him.

Saturday January 23 1932

Fixed a lunch for the folks but as they didn’t come by 2o’clock went skating with Buddy.  We took Ramona with us.  Went out to Riley’s and picked up Leo.  His girl met us as we were running out of the apt.  So we all went skating.  Took some pictures. Met Tuck out there.  Was certainly surprised and disappointed to learn that Johnny had gotten drunk the night before. Didn’t find out how bad until I saw Somers.

Somers called in the evening to inform me John wouldn’t be down.  Had gone to bed.  Tuck and Iva were in and told me the same.  He seems to have quite a few social sec.

I am certainly disgusted with John.  Ramona and I went to a mid-night matinee.  Got home about 2.

Sunday January 24, 1932

Ramona left early for work.  I got up about 9.  John called at Riley’s about 10:30.  Sked if he could come up.  Well I might as well see him, so told him to come up this afternoon.  Mother called about 11.  They are out to the Dairy. Had a break down yesterday.  Said she would be down sometime this week.  Wish I could go out and see her today.  Ramona was in but left.  Clara ought to be here soon so will get ready to leave. 

John and Tuck walked home with me.  I think John felt sorry for what he did.  Anyway he acted so.  Ramona and I went to the Fox.  John and Tuck to the Orpheum.  Planned to meet at the apt at 8o’clock.  After show went riding with Bud Riley.  Was half hour late and everyone had left.  Ramona left ___.  John called so he returned and we made up.

Monday January 25, 1932

John woke us up at 9:30.  Mother called about 10.  Gee it seems great to be able to hear her voice every day.  Dad was in for lunch.  I served them the stew.  John did the dishes while I got ready to go downtown to meet Ramona.  Was 10 minutes late so she had left.  Met her on the street but she wouldn’t come with me.  I guess I will have to be more prompt after this.

Picked out a cute little dress at the Whitehouse.  May get it tomorrow.  Ramona and John Rieddon were in at Riley’s in the evening.

John called at 10:30.  They were having company.  I could hear Somers laughing above everyone.  Ernest and Leo Fleming were in.  Took me home in the old service truck.

Tuesday January 26, 1932

Got Ramona to go down to the Whitehouse before she went to work to look at the dress.  She liked it alright so I got it.

Got home at 12:10.  Dad came up so fixed a lunch.  Just as was leaving John and Tuck came in.  We went skating.  I had a great time, although I did take a couple of great flops. When we got back to the apt. Ramona arrived.  They brought me down to work.

John and Somers came down about 7:30.  Tucker was in before a basketball game saying he would meet Ramona at 9o’clock. John went up to the apt about that time.  Ramona and John came down about 11.  Somers was leaving so we rode out to his house and John brought us back.

Wednesday January 27, 1932

Boy, am I stiff.  And incidentally black and blue (Too many flops). Washed my hair.  Ramona left for work at 11:30.  Tuck called and said he would be up about 2o’clock to take Ramona out to see Mother.  I decided to go to because he had to be back by 4. John called so we picked him up at his house.

Things were certainly a mess out there.  Mother looked fine. We met three men.  Dad wasn’t there and the kiddies were in school (Mike and Maureen).  It was the first time she met John.  I hope she liked him. We started back about 3:20 but I was a half an hour late because a car was loading up wood in the middle of the road.  They had a meeting down at Riley’s.  Somers said they got 3 salesmen.  John called at 9:30.

Thursday January 28, 1932

Mended a few dresses.  When down stairs talking over the phone to John, Hermina came up to the apt. We had lunch together and then I ironed.  John came up in the afternoon. Babe arrived just a little before I had to go to work.  Hermina and John walked down with me. Alan, Phil, and Ernest were down in the evening.  When I got home found them pro _______c ___________ str_________around the apt.  Got rid of them because I wanted to go to bed early because I had to get up early. Just got undressed when John and Tucker arrived. Got rid of them and so to bed.

Friday January 29, 1932

Gee it was really cold.  Got down to work at 5 to 8.  Clara came at 2 so I left early.  Ramona and I came home and cooked a dinner.  John called and said he would be up about 7.  Tucker was up for a while.

We went to Strimeches first. John rated the car.  Had a pretty good time playing cards.  John and I played together.  We had a great time dancing.  Tucker came up about 10. Ben Adams.  A school boyfriend about 6 years ago was there. 

We came up to the apt. and had lunch after the dance.  The boys left at 2o’clock.  I certainly had a lovely time.

Saturday January 30, 1932

Mother called at 10 and got me out of bed.  Ramona left for work.  John came up. We had lunch and then met Ramona downtown.  John gave me a coupon to have my picture taken at the Darian.  So Ramona and I went up there.  I got shot 5 times.  Hope they turn out okay.  John and Tucker were in.  Left for the YMCA to play basketball.  John went home with Tucker because was so cold.  Emmet and Alan brought me home.  Fixed me a drink and oh did I sleep.  Just dimly remember Ramona getting in.

Sunday January 31 1932

Never saw so much snow in all my life. Had to jump over a snowbank to get in Riley’s.  John called said he would be down this afternoon. Ramona met me and we came home together.  Alan and Phil were up for a while. When Ramona left for work, I went down to O’Halloran’s and played 3 games of bridge. Got tired of that so went up to the apt. to wait for John.  Ramona called at 4 but John and I decided to stay in as it was so cold. John ask me if he took the civil service and got a position would I marry him.  I really didn’t think John was that serious.  I don’t know but I think if John had a good position I would marry him.   Anyway, I told him yes.

Monday February 1, 1932

Washed out a few silk things.  John came up just as I finished so he helped me rinse and hang them up.  I got hungry about 2:30 so fixed us a little lunch.  Mrs. Terry called about Alan. He delivered the milk for the folks today.  Babe called for Ramona.  John said he couldn’t be down this evening.  Called up Mother.  She said Papa bought a new truck.  Going to put the name on it tomorrow – my middle name – “Bona-Del Dairy”.  Rather neat I think. John called at 7:30 asked if I wanted to go to Packwater with him tomorrow.  That mean I must get up about 7A.M.  Oh well I will enjoy it. Called Hermina and Alice.  John called to say good-night.  Mother called.  Tuck was in. Found Ramona and George Redman up at the apt.

Tuesday February 2, 1932

Jumped out of bed at 15 to 8. John called at 9.  Said the car was frozen up but he would be out as soon as he thawed it out.  Washed out a few things.  He called again at 11:30 and said he had called a garageman so I guess we won’t get out today as Mrs. Somers wants the car at 2.  He came up for a few minutes and had lunch with me.  Took his mother to a party and returned.  Took his picture when he left at 2:30.  Glad to work a couple of hours.

Alan and Phil were up and brought me down to work.  Somers was in said the boys had gone skating.  John & Tuck walked home with me.  Bud picked us up at second.  Went up to the apt. then he took the boys home.

Wednesday February 3, 1932

Ramona left early for work.  Just started ironing when John came up.  He thought I knew about Bud calling for me last but I reassured him that it was a complete surprise to me. So everything is ok.  He left with Rex for the airport.  Ramona and I fixed us a dinner.  Alan & Emmett were up.  Took me to get my proofs & then to work.  

John came down about 8:30. Picked out the picture he liked.  Left for home about 9:30.  Alice & Hermina came at 10. John called from home at 10:30.  Ramona & George walked home with us.  Had a great time sleeping 4 in one bed.  Had coffee and Martha Washington pie about midnight.  Talked and cut up until the wee hours of the morning.

Thursday February 4, 1932

Alarm clock jangled off at 8A.M.  Ramona turned the radio on and we listed to Jim Anthony at the concert of the (anjon?) at the Fox. Ramona left for work & then Alice, Hermina and I listened to the Rhythm Review. Guessed all but one piece.  John came up about 1. We had lunch together.  Hermina left at 2:30.  John and I left at 3:35.  Babe came in the store.  Called up Mother.  She said they still had colds.  John called about 8:30.  Was home with Bill.   Folks were out to Jones’. Alan and Phil were in. Ramona called.  Alan took her home.  Mary Crassen was in.  Got some ice cream.  John called at 10 to say “Goodnight”.  Well guess I will close and go home.  Got the pictures developed.

Friday February 5, 1932

Worked from 8 to 2:30.  Took my proof down to the studio and then for home.  Found Ramona and a dirty apartment.  Ramona wasn’t feeling very well. Ramona and I had lunch.  Fried toast.

John and Tucker arrived about 7:30.  Ramona had a great time deciding who she wanted to go with – Tuck or Dave. Dave didn’t want to go very bad so John and I found Ramona and tuck in the back of the car.  There was certainly a crowd.  I enjoyed every minute.  Was terrible nervous for a while but finally settled down.  John certainly seemed to enjoy himself.  I was so glad.  We got to bed about 2.

Saturday February 6, 1932

Ramona was still a little under the weather but left early for work.  John came up about 11.  He helped me finish clean up and then we had a little lunch.  Tucker and Ramona came about 2:30.  Mother called and wanted me to look for some mittens for the children so I had John and Tuck drive me down to the Palace.  Lester was in.  He was waiting for the truck.  They are painting “Bona-Del” on it today.  John came down about 8:30.  Poor boy was all crippled up.  At least I don’t get that bunged up when I go skating. He helped me wrap boxes. Tuck came about 11.  We found Ramona home in bed with loads of  ______ below.  I hope she feels better in the morning.  Boys left early.

Sunday February 7, 1932

Ramona said her cold seemed looser this morning but she could hardly talk.  We left for work together.  Ramona came back to Riley’s about 2 so we came home together.  I took a bath and when I got back found Tuck.  I was already when John and Somers came.  I had dinner at John’s.  Mrs. Somers had a lovely dinner and I enjoyed it so much.   Somers was busy working on books so Mrs. Somers, John, Bill and I played cards.  John brought me home about 10:30. It seemed funny being in Somers home.  I never thought a year ago that would ever happen.  Tucker was in about 8:30.  Said he couldn’t get Ramona.  Found Ramona in bed.

Monday February 8, 1932

Ramona and I were both cranky this morning.  I was ashamed of myself because Ramona was really feeling pretty bad.  She had to work a banquet so left about 11 and came back at 1:30.  Had asked for a week off so started packing a few things! I think the rest will do her good.   John came and we went down to the City Hall to register as voters.  We certainly are coming up in this old world.  He left for home and I hurried to work.  Alan and Phil were in.  Alan is taking the radio out to Ramona tomorrow so I guess I will go too.  Lester called and took Ramona out to the Dairy.  John called at 10.  Said his mother, Tucker, and he had been playing poker. Francis and Somers worked quiet late Somers brought us home.

Tuesday February 9, 1932

Seemed sort of lonesome sleeping alone.  Alan came at 11 to take the radio out to Ramona.  John had called about 10 and I told him to come at 12 if he wanted to go with so we had to wait for him.  There certainly is a lot of snow out there.  Found Ramona in bed.  Mother fixed us a lunch.  John’s leg was quite stiff.  Was 10 minutes late for work.  Leo Fleming was in.  Seemed as bored with life as I was.  John called.  Nothing much doing.  So came home and went right to bed.  Received 2 more cards from Arthur.  The dear is certainly keeping his promise.  I enjoy receiving them. I wonder if he will write any more letters.

Wednesday February 10, 1932

John came up about 10:30.  Had been to the doctors and his orders were to go home and keep hot packs on his knee.  So home went little Johnny about 11:30.  His leg was stiff and he couldn’t bend it.  I do hope it will be ok.  Couldn’t think of anything to do but work so went to a show.  It was a cute little play but I don’t like going to a show alone.  Nellie Muchan called up at Rileys to ask me to attend a party Agnes Vogel and she were giving Sunday at 5. I called Alice and Hermina.  Received a couple of more cards from Arthur.  He is in Lake Placid.  Johnny called, and he was going to bed early.  Gee, it is the bunk both Ramona and he laid up.

Thursday February 11, 1932

Johnny called about 10:30 said he wouldn’t be able to leave the house yet. Alan and Phil came about noon and we went out home.  Wanted to stop and see John but they were in a rush so called him out home. Ramona was still in bed but seemed lots better.  I haven’t seen the kiddies yet.  They are always in school.  Got stuck in the snow coming back, so was 15 minutes late for work. Tsk! Tsk! Grand rush down at work.  Somers came down and worked.  Called Hermina and told her I would be out. John called at 9.  Said his leg seemed a little better.  Somers took me out to Stremich’s so thank goodness I didn’t have to take a street car.  Received a pamphlet from Lake Placid on the Olympic Games from Arthur.

Friday February 12, 1932

Hermina got up early and went to church but lazy me slept in.  Got up when she returned.  Washed my hair so it would look half way decent Sunday.  Hermina and I didn’t have as much to say as we usually do.  She didn’t seem very enthused about going out to Agnes Sunday but I hope she goes.  Visited Mrs. Sells and saw the new baby boy.  Called Johnny up as I promised.  Came home early.  Stopped Dorians’ to get my picture but they said it wouldn’t be ready until next Wednesday.  Went to work a little earlier than usual. Called Mother.  John called.  The salesman for undertaking assurances was in again.  He watched me wrap bars. Leo and his girl were in.  Was busy packing heart boxes.

Saturday February 13, 1932

Well this day just missed being Friday the 13th by one day.  Hope it is a lucky miss.  John came by about 10:00.  His leg was still a little stiff.  I was glad to see him.  He had lunch.  Tuck came up about 2. He took me down to work.  John came down in the evening.  Said he had his Dad’s car so we could go to the walkathon.  Tuck called Ina.  Alan came in about 10 so John persuaded him to come along.  Saw Emmett there. Came home about 12:30.  John, Tuck and I came up to the apartment and had coffee and donuts.  Tuck made the coffee and John served it.  Lazy me drank it.

Sunday February 14, 1932

Had good intentions to go to church but slept until 9 o’clock so that was impossible.  Alan and John cam in about 11. They were leaving for the Dairy.   John called about 1:30 said they had just finished eating.  They got back to the apartment about 4.  Ramona came back with them.  Alan took me over to Agnes’ about 5.  Helen Williams was there. Haven’t seen her for ages.  Catherine O’Reilly, Katheryn O’Shaunynessy, Nellie Mershan and 3 or 4 other girls I didn’t know.  I was so mad at Hermina for not going.  We played cards and sang and talked a bit.  Came home in her Dad’s taxi about 11:30.

Monday February 15, 1932

Seemed good to find Ramona in bed.  She didn’t have to work so we went downtown.  John was up for a while in the morning.  He was selling Aspirin tablets.  Ramona went to Davenports and received two small checks so we went to up to Kung Wa Loc and had noodles and then bummed around town.  I bought a shade and curtains for kitchen.  We took them down to Riley’s and Ramona and George picked them up later in the evening.  John was for a while. Didn’t feel very well so left at 10:15. Tucker cam in 10 minutes later.  Went home alone.

Tuesday February 16, 1932

Went down with Ramona as she went to work to the Orpheum and saw Ann Harding in Prestige.  It was pretty good.  Had a great time putting up the shade and curtains. It is a wonder I didn’t fall through the window.  Received a card and letter from Arthur.  He is leaving for New York City.  Somers told me his wife called and said John was down sick in bed.  Gee, I hope he hurries up and gets well. He seems to be having a terrible time.  Emmett was in.  He swept out Riley’s for me.  Tuck was in and brought me home.

Wednesday February 17, 1932

Mother called about 10:00.  I called Johnny from Mrs. McMaster’s apt.  Mr. Egan gave the key.  His mother said he was still in and so I suppose I won’t see the dear boy today.  Left the apt. about 2 to meet Ramona.  We went up to Dr. Crane’s office and he fixed Ramona’s nose.  Gave me a prescription for my warts.  We went up to Dorian’s and got my picture.  Everyone liked it.  Packed 50 concessions.  Big Time.  Emmett and Leo were in.  They brought me home.  Found Ramona and George at the apt.  Had forgotten my picture at Riley’s so persuaded them to walk down with me and got it.

Thursday February 18, 1932

John called at 11.  Was still feeling pretty bum so I promised to come out and see him. Stopped at Riley’s and got some “green gum drops”.  Specialties of John’s Arrived at his place about one.  The dear boy looked nice but a little pale. I soon fixed that.  Somers came breezing in. Looked a little surprised to see me.  Thought my picture pretty good.  Nothing exciting happened at work.  Alan and Phil were in.  Which means they aren’t excitement.  I will have to break loose soon.  I have been too good for too long.  Received a card and letter from Arthur. I enjoy them very much.  He is in New York now.  Well I hope I can make that trip someday.

Friday February 19, 1932

John called at 10.  Mother came in today.  She came up for lunch.  I had a regular “Friday meal”.  She left right after lunch and met her at two.  We went to the Dorian to see my tinted picture.  Mother was quite was quite pleased with it so I guess I will get it.  She took me up to Grandpa Marshall’s old office.  Met Tilly.  Left Mother at 3:30 to go to work.  Ramona bought a canary and robbed my dime jar to buy the cage.  She brought it down to Riley’s. Everyone was quite taken with it.  Bill the undertaker was in. Found out his name is Doc Jones.   Had to introduce him to Alan, Phil, and Ramona.  He stayed from 7:15 until 10:05.  I can’t quite figure it out.  Didn’t hear from John.  I suppose he is in bed.

Saturday February 20, 1932

Ramona arrived about 4:30A.M.  Had some wild story about being stuck in a snowbank for hours.  So we slept until about 11.  Two magazine salesmen burst upon our horizon just as I finished dressing.  Bought a 3 year subscription.  Counted out 198 pennies.  Lots of fun.  Now I will have to start saving pennies again.  They were in again in the evening.  Wanted me to go out with them but decided not to.  My little newsboy said “Did those fellows want to date you?” I said yes but didn’t go because I didn’t know them.  He very seriously said “Smart girl”.  John called and wanted me to come out tomorrow.  Bud and I went to the Fox. KHQ broadcasted Happy Casanova.

Sunday February 21, 1932

Alan came up about 8.  But as usual we didn’t go to church. Francis brought Pat in at 11:30.   Mr. Riley, Edna and Johanna were in.  Alan and Phil picked me up and brought me home.  John called and I said I would try to take me out.  Alan and Phil took me out to John’s about 5.  Tuck came over and we played “Hearts”.  Somers and his wife went to a show and Bill, John, Tucker and I played some more hearts.  John was feeling a lot better.  Dr. Robinson had lanced his boil.   My picture was right at the foot of the lounge.  I wonder what he thought.  Somers and Tuck brought me home.  Found George Redman and Ramona.

Monday February 22, 1932

John called at 11.  Said he would call in the afternoon but Sammy and I went to the Orpheum. I certainly enjoyed it.  Called John when I returned but he had gone out for a walk.   John and Somers came down in the evening.  I was so surprised to see John.  Alan was there.   Emmett and Eddie Dodd were in.  John went out with them.  Somers hunted all over for him.  Accused me of knowing where he was even called the apt.  John came back but left early with Tuck and George Somebody.  He called later and we talked until 5 after 11.  Rushed around cleaning up when Leo and Don Buckman came in.  They took me home.  George and Ramona were up at the apt.

Tuesday February 23 1932

John came up about noon.  It seemed rather good to see him. Let me see, it has been a week since he has been up.  He seemed to be coming down with a cold.  What next?  He stayed until time for me to go to work and then walked down with me.  Had just expressed the desire that the Governor (meaning Somers) would see him when Francis drove by and honked the horn.  Bud informed me he had a bone to pick with me.  Couldn’t find out what it was though.  Ramona worked until mid-night.  I was just about asleep when she came.

Wednesday February 24, 1932

Went downtown with Ramona as she went to work.  Wasted a lot of time buying artificial flowers and wasn’t satisfied with them after I did finally get them.  Bought a rug for the kitchen and Hurrah!! A hammer.  Also goods for two dresses.  Alan came up in the afternoon.  Tuck was up.  Ramona came while he was here.  Started to cut out one of the dresses.  John called about 2:30.  Said he had tried to get me about noon.  He was feeling pretty bum.  Heavens I wish everyone would begin to feel better.  Ramona and Alan went out home and got the radio.  Leo Fleming brought me home.  Found the lights blown out at home.

Thursday February 25, 1932

Mr. Egan came up and fixed the lights and the radio cord.  We certainly have a great time.  Alan called he may come out this afternoon.  John called. He could hardly talk he had a real cold.  Something like Ramona had.  I hope I don’t get it.  Well guess I will sew.  The birdie is having a great time singing with the radio.  A few new things about this pattern but I have mastered them so far. Try and sew with the phone ringing every two minutes.  Ramona called, Babe called and john called all around 2o’clock.  Slim had a radio down at Riley’s and I had music all evening.  Francis, wife, and Somers were in.  Doc Jones stayed until 8:30.  Everyone seems to have been drinking but me.

Friday February 26, 1932

John called about 10:00.  Was still quite hoarse.  Guess I won’t see him for a while yet.  Went down with Ramona as she left for work.  Saw Clark Gable in “Sporting Blood” I loved it.  The horses were wonderful.  It is rather dreary today.  I would like to lie down and read but no such luck have to rush to work.  Dorothy Hubbard was in.  She was among the first graduates from SFA.  John called at 7 o’clock.  Said the folks had gone out.  Was pretty busy at the fountain.  Some German girl who use to come in a lot.  Said she was getting married tomorrow.  My friend that bothers me so much to go out was in.  Bud and Dick McBraine were in.  Tuck and Ramona went out.  Gee, I wish John would get well.

Saturday February 27, 1932

Mother and Dad were in for lunch.  Sewed on my dress all afternoon.  John called.  His voice sounded lots better. Bud informed me he was back to Riley’s after eleven to get me but I had left last night.  Bud just came bursting in.  Had his mother out in the ar so didn’t stay long.  Won’t be down tonight again because he had the car last night.  Sam is here reading the paper.  Tucker came in about 9:30.  John called.  Told him about same fellow wanting me to go out with him after work but decided not to go.  Tuck said he might be back at 11. Had to play basketball.  John called about cleaning time.  Wen to the Orpheum and then to Tony’s with Ramona and George.

Sunday February 28, 1932

Tried to get Hermina but Ruth said she wasn’t home. If she calls by 2o’clock I will ask her to go out home with me.  Luke is taking me out in the truck.  Found him waiting for me at the apartment. He went up by Hermina’s so I decided to see if she was home.  She was wiping dishes she abandoned it to come with us.  We are up in Vivian’s room.  Mother just called up to be more quiet as the men have to get up early so I guess it is early to sleep.   Played cards.  John called twice.  Mother insisted on quiet so he called up later.  Of course she had to tell him that joke (refer to memorial) Hermina told me the story of a show she saw.

Monday February 29, 1932

People begin to stir around this place a few hours after you go to sleep.  Got up at 15 minutes to 7 so we could go in with Dad.  Gee it was cold. Hermina and I just about froze.  Got home about 9 o’clock.  Ramona was in bed and refused to get up until about 11 o’clock.  I wonder where she was last night.  John called about noon and again in the afternoon.  Hopes to be able to be out at the end of this week.  Doc Jones was in.  Got rid of him easy because Somers and Francis came.  Leo Fleming was in and brought me home.  Ramona wasn’t in.  Russ came over and fixed me a couple of drinks.  He was feeling pretty bad.  Said there were 3 or 4 drunk in Geo apt.  Ramona and George came in soon after I had gone to bed.  Received the deed from Grandpa today.

Tuesday March 1, 1932

Well, I feel pretty smart. Have on my new dress. Just finished it.  It turned out better than I thought (one mistake) put the sleeves in the wrong arm holes.  John called.  I am getting tired of just hearing his voice I want to see him.  I will certainly be glad when he is okay. Ramona is also waiting in her diary.  Don’t we have fun. Well, I must get ready for work will finish this day tomorrow.  Am listening to Happy Casanova from 12 to 12:30. John called about 7.  He was over at Tucker’s place. Perhaps he will make my place tomorrow. Bud said he was up to see me Sunday.  Doc Jones was in.  The fellow from upstairs brought me some clam chowder.  Ramona ought to be her soon.  She is working nights this week.

Wednesday March 2, 1932

John surprised us by appearing on the scene about 11:30.  It seemed ages ago since he had been up.  It was certainly snowing.  Here I thought spring was coming.  It is freezing tonight.  I was glad to get in.  I hope I’m in California at this time next year.  John stayed until I left for work.  It was rather dull in at Riley’s.  Doc. Jones alias little undertaker was in and had his coca cola.  We discussed religion.  He said he was an atheist.  I didn’t argue with him.  Mr. Riley, Bud, and Leo worked until 7 o’clock.  John called about 10:00 to say “goodnight”.  Well guess I will finish my letter to Grandpa until Ramona gets here.  Ramona and George have arrived.

Thursday March 3, 1932

They kept the radio network on last night to report on the Lindbergh baby.  So we heard music until about 2 when we decided to go to sleep.  John didn’t come up as he is setting up concessions at the University Club.  Came down in the evening though and walked home with me. Met Russ, his brother-in-law, and a friend of his in the hall.  They made us come down to their apt. and have some beer.  Dave O’Halleran was there.  Too much noise so I made John leave.  Russ said “henpecked already”.  Poor boy, I feel sorry for him.  We left in time to catch the 12:20 car.  George came up with Ramona.  Had a hard time getting rid of the bunch.

Friday March 4 1932

It was snowing so hard I never ventured out.  Nearly finished another dress.  Bud was teasing me when I was packing boxes with Clara and I said as he was leaving “Hey Buddy I thought you were going to kiss me”.  And he surprised Clara and myself by marching over and giving a big smooch. Clara certainly got a kick out of it.  Somers was around after all. I had left waiting for John with car.  The little undertaker alias Doc. Jones was in again.  John came about 10. Walked home with me. Found the radio going.  I must be getting terribly absentminded.  I suppose I left it going when I went to work.  John rushed off about 12:30. Hope he catches the last car.

Saturday March 5 1932

Went downtown with Ramona about 11A.M.  Got stockings for Vivian and took them and my overnight bag down to the Washington Market for Lester. Fixed lunch. Sammy had lunch with me.  Babe came up to show me a new dress.  It was awfully sweet.  John and Tucker came home with me.  We played cards for a while and then Tucker went down for Ramona at 1 o’clock.  She was pretty tired so we didn’t do anything.  We asked the boys to come up for dinner tomorrow.

Sunday March 6 1932

Ramona got up with me and we had breakfast together before I left for work.  Somers was in about 2. Said he brought the boys down.  Met them coming home.  Ramona had a lovely dinner.  John, Tuck and I did the dishes. Had planned to go out to Hermina’s but as the boys didn’t have a car I called her and said we wouldn’t be out.  We slept and read until 7 o’clock when we played cards.  Ramona fixed a lunch about 9 o’clock.  Nothing much doing.  The boys left about mid-night.  Eear, I will be glad when summer comes so we can get out.  Have something to occupy our minds besides (anise list).

Monday March 7 1932

I believe that half the peanuts I brought home were on the floor this morning.  The fellow that pesters me to death down at Riley’s called and wanted me to go for a ride.  I told him I was expecting John.  He said he would call again this afternoon.  I never saw such persistence. He just can’t take “no” for an answer.  John came up at noon. The Doofunny called up again at 2.  Same crazy fellow is forever bringing something into Riley’s for me to keep.  Last night it was an axe.  I haven’t laughed so for a long time.  The little undertaker was in.  Said he was going to make me a belt.  That darn Pee Wee and John Hayes were in.  We didn’t get rid of them until 1:30.

Tuesday March 8, 1932

John called and said he was going downtown and would be up later.  Went downtown with Ramona.  Bought myself a new pair of shoes.  Surprised everyone by getting filoch (Filoche?). John came up about one half hour after I got back.  Stayed until I left for work.  Everyone was making eggs. It can be done.  John and Tuck came down about 9. They helped tie strings for the colored eggs.  Both rushed out when they heard the fire engine.  I wonder if they will ever grow up.  They came home with me. Partied until 12:20.  But as Ramona didn’t come Tuck insisted on leaving. Ramona and George arrived about a minute later.

Wednesday March 9, 1932

Went down to a show at noon. It was pretty good.  Am going to work now.  Somers didn’t leave until about 9 o’clock.  John and Tuck came in while he was there but left to come back later. Bud and Joe McNab were in with me.  John and Tucker came home with me. Found Ramona in bed.  The boys had to walk home as they didn’t leave until 2:30.  Tuck and Ramona seemed to get along great.  They do a lot of teasing. I think a great deal of Johnny and hope it will always be so.

Thursday March 10, 1932

Tuck came up this morning and took Ramona to work.  Said he had to get up at 6 o’clock.  That means he didn’t get much sleep.  Said he saw John coming downtown.  But he hasn’t shown up yet.  John came up about noon.  Had been to the Dr. having an X-ray treatment for his boils.  Hermina came about 1.  John was just leaving. Hermina brought the tickets for the St. Patrick Play at St. Francis Assisi and some creams.  Stayed until I left for work.  Fixed Easter Eggs all evening.  Called Mother.  John called about 8 said he wouldn’t be down.  Joe B. was in wanted to bring me home but George and Ramona were expecting me over at the Madison Inn.  Washed my hair.

Friday March 11, 1932

John came up about noon.  I had lunch all ready.  He left about 2:30.  Met Ramona coming up.  Tuck came up about 5 minutes later.  Said Bud Riley brought him up.  Bud asked me for his little football.  So I guess Bud will never try to go with me anymore but I feel sure we will always be good friends.  Tuck and John came down Tuck went after Ramona.  They went to a show.  Came back at 11 and we all came home together.  The boys left about 12:30.

Saturday March 12, 1932

Ramona and I were awaken about 9:30 by the Madre.  She left right away.  Said the kiddies were at the Fox and would be up for lunch.  Arthur Velguth called.  Said he had just flew in from Salt Lake City. Came up and stayed about an hour.   He certainly had a lovely trip.  Babe called.  Mother called twice about the children.  Sammy went down after them. We all had lunch together.   Had more phone calls.  Alan called twice.  Tuck called once.  I ought to reduce running up and down stairs.  Ramona & George were in.  Arthur came in about 10.  Said he would take me to a show tomorrow.  John and Tuck came home with me.

Sunday March 13, 1932

Asked Mr. Riley if I could work the day shift tomorrow.  He said it was ok with him.  John and Tucker went down the river so I came home alone.  Ramona came up in her apron but hurried off again.  Arthur came up about 5:15.  We had a lovely dinner at the Del. Ramona waited on us.  Then, we went to the Orpheum and saw “Emma”.  Met John on Riverside when starting home.  Said he would be up later.  Ramona called and said she would be up.  John came. Alan and Phil came for Ramona.  She was staying all night with Babe.  Arthur left at 10:30.  John at (oh and who brought what subject up?)

Monday March 14, 1932

Got down to work all ok (left at 3:15).  Found Ramona and Babe at home.  Ramona fixed a lovely dinner.  Babe left about 5:30.  John and Tucker came after us about 7:30.  John had his father’s car.  We picked Babe and Bimp up. The play was pretty good.  I enjoy going up to our old parish.  Stopped at Riley’s and got some ice cream.  Had pie ala mode. Someone came to the door and borrowed an egg about 1A.M.  A fine time to borrow us. Something new/ the people knocked on their ceiling below us. Things somewhat over when Mrs. McMaster’s moved out.

Tuesday March 15, 1932

Slept until 11 o’clock.  Alan came up about 1.  After getting Ramona he took me down to the Court House to have that warranty deed recorded.  John called before I left. Said he would be down this evening.  Picked out a green coat but don’t know whether I will get it or not.  John called about 7.  He was over at Tuck’s.  Said he would be down tomorrow.  Called Hermina and Mother.  Somers and Francis were in.The first thing when I arrived home Loraine’s brother came in, then _______here and a couple more.  Got rid of them all okay.

Wednesday March 16 1932

John came up about noon.  We had lunch together.  Alan came up about 1:45.  Ramona arrived a few minutes later.  I wonder what she really thinks of Alan and why she treats him with such indifference.  John left with me when I went to work.  John and Tuck came in about 8.  They left but came back about 11.  We played cards until mid-night when Tuck went down to Davenport to get Ramona.  They left about 1:30.  I made arrangements to get a permanent Friday so will stay with Hermina tomorrow night. 

Thursday March 17 1932

John called at 10:30.  Said he wouldn’t down today or evening.  It was certainly raining when I talked to him.  Spent a lazy day so guess I will go to work now.  Bud came down in the evening.  Said he was going to a show and would take me up to Hermina’s.  John called and said he was glad I was going up to Hermina’s so he would be able to get some sleep.  Worked until 11:30. A few of the Fox Bunch came over. Drove Riley’s car home it is certainly easy to drive.  Hermina was in bed.  Went right to bed.

Friday March 18, 1932

Got up at 8 and went right over to get my permanent.  Hermina came over about 9:30 after Mass to watch the procedure.  Didn’t get through until about 2 o’clock.  I was certainly tired.  Left just in time to get down for work.  Alan and Emmett came down.  John and Tuck walked home with me.  Tuck had a great time talking to the girl next to our apartment through the window.  Ramona came in about 1:30.  The boys left soon after.

Saturday March 19, 1932

Mother came in about 9:30.  Said the children would be up about noon.  Ramona and I had a disagreement.  The first good spat we had had for quite a while.  Met her down town after I got the children and Dad came for lunch.  We both picked out our spring coat.  They are a good deal alike.  It was raining when we came home.  We were both a little peeved at each other. John came down to Riley’s.  Alan and Emmett came in and stayed until nearly closing time.  John came home with me.  Ramona came in about

2 a.m.

Sunday March 20, 1932

Nearly slept in but arrived on time for work.  Francis and Mr. Riley were in.  Had to wash the cases and fix all the Easter things out. John called the apartment about 3. Said he might come up to Hermina’s later in the evening as I was going out there.  Went down with Ramona to work and then to a show.  Wore my new coat out to Hermina’s.  She liked it.  We went over to Mrs. Shipman’s to pay for my permanent. Stayed with Hermina until 9 and as John didn’t arrive left for home.  Took a bath and went to bed.  Ramona and George came in about 1.

Monday March 21, 1932

John called about 10:30.  I was downstairs washing.  He said he went to church with Tucker and didn’t get out until 10 o’clock so he didn’t get come out to Hermina’s.  I really thought at first he hadn’t intended to come out so was a little angry.  He called again at 10:00 and said he would be down in the evening.  Bud was down and got Patsy.  Came back later when John was there.  John walked home with me.  We went down and got the clothes.  He said he was going to leave at midnight but we were waiting for Ramona so as she didn’t get in until about 3 it was 3 before John left. Hans cam with Ramona.  They were feeling a little too good.  *Alan took me for a ride in his new car today.

Tuesday March 22 1932

We slept until after 10.  John called at 11 to see how everyone was.  Said he was pretty sleepy and was going to bed early so won’t be see the darling boy tonight.  Borrowed Laraine’s iron as I took ours downtown to be fixed yesterday.  Ramona is having Alan come up and take us downtown.  We got our iron.  Went to the Palace and got Alan a shirt and tie for his birthday with Ramona.  Somers was down working.  Tuck came in asking for Ramona.  Ramona and George were in about 10. On my way home met Mr. Sudeneeks (?).  He took me up to his place to see his apartment.  Never again!!!?!

Wednesday March 23, 1932

Ramona was going on a diet but got hungry so I had to go out and something to eat.  John called about 10. Said he would be down this P.M.  Alan was in for a while.  Well will finish this later must get ready for work.  Ramona came in after work.  Said she was going home and go to bed.  Tuck and John came in about 9. Tuck went up to see Ramona.  Leo Fleming was in.  Hadn’t seen him for quite a while.  Tuck, Ramona and Alan came in about 11. Alan took us all home. Ramona was cross because John teased her about the other night so they left early.  Hope she is alright in the morning.

Thursday March 24, 1932

Believe it or not I got up at 8:30 for no special reason.  Ramona went to work at quarter to 11.  John called at 9:30.  Asked how Ramona was.  I said she was OK and that “All is forgiven” but I don’t know whether it was the truth or not.  John called again in the afternoon. I met Ramona at 2:30 Oh! What an afternoon.  First it rained and then we had a dust storm.  Ramona came down in the evening. Was going to fix some Easter baskets for the kiddies but Alan came down so they went home.  Tucker was in.  Had been working at his Dad’s Drug Store.  John called at 8.

Friday March 25, 1932

The laundry man woke us up about 10 or might be sleeping yet.  John called.  Said he would be down this PM. I went with Ramona down to work and then, to a show. Saw Janette McDonald and Maurice Chevalier. John and Tuck were down in the evening.  They left for a show. Ramona was in.  John came back at 11 to walk home with me.  Tuck called to see how Ramona was and as everything seemed ok, he came up.  The boys left about 1:30.

Saturday March 26, 1932

Mother and Dad popped in about 9:30.  Had left the kiddies at the Fox.  They were all up for lunch.  John called at 10. Buddy came up about 1.  I was so surprised.  He took me down to Davenport’s to meet Ramona.  She had to work until 2:30 so I did a little shopping before I met her.  We went down to the pet shop and got 2 bunnies for the children.  Also got a Lily for Mother.  John and Tuck came down in the evening.  I sent them up to the apartment to give the bunnies some water.  Frank Foley came in.  John came down to get me.  Ramona came in about 11:30.

Sunday March 27 1932

Got up at 6:30.  John arrived about 7:30.  We had breakfast and then decided we would go up to St. Francis to church.  Mother, Dad, and the kiddies were up there.  I was so glad John went up to church with us. He was wonderful.  Did everything we did. Got to work at 10 to 10. John and I went out home in the truck with Lester. Mother had a lovely dinner.  Nothing much to do.  We played cards in the evening.  The kiddies were crazy about the bunnies.  Put this down in the history (went to bed at 9:30) John and Mother got along fine. I am so glad.

Monday March 28, 1932

I got up at 7:30. John tried to make me think he got up at 5:30 but “no sale”. He came in with Dad about 8:30. Picked Alice up on Monroe.  She had slept in was late for work. John came up to the apartment with me.  Tuck came up in the afternoon. They walked down to work with me.  Ramona and George were in.  Ramona was washing her hair when I got home. John called about 11. Said Tucker was there and that they had been playing “hearts”. Well my writing is getting worse so guess I will sign off.

Tuesday March 29, 1932

Ramona rushed off about 10 o’clock on some secret mission and left me with the dirty apartment.  John called at 10:15. Said he would be down this P.M.  Hermina came up about 10:30. We had lunch.  Ramona returned just as we were leaving.  We went to the Fox to see George Asliss.  Alan was driving off when I returned.  They had a meeting down at Riley’s.  Somers said he thought Virginia would be laid off.  Well if that is the case, I am going to do my best to learn the office business.  Then, maybe they will put me on next fall.  John came home with me.

Wednesday March 30 1932

Well we have the place cleaned up.  Ramona is getting ready for work, guess I will walk down to the store with her.  Started to write a letter to Dad but Babe came up and then Tucker.  John called about noon.  Babe stayed here to wait for Ramona when I went to work. Fred May came in.  I was so surprised.  We decided to out home tomorrow morning.  John called twice.  He was over at Tucker’s.  Ramona is working nights so got home first.