New Jersey, USA


Latitude: 40.1365, Longitude: -73.2613


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ellen  1823New Jersey, USA I11181
2 Basford, Mary Anne  1816New Jersey, USA I5454
3 Bassford, Anna  Jun 1893New Jersey, USA I13217
4 Bassford, Charles Hobby  16 Jul 1888New Jersey, USA I13187
5 Bassford, Margaret E  May 1891New Jersey, USA I13216
6 Boss, Aaron  Abt 1833New Jersey, USA I13621
7 Boss, Abram  14 Dec 1841New Jersey, USA I13622
8 Boss, Catharine  1826New Jersey, USA I13683
9 Boss, Elizabeth  Abt 1838New Jersey, USA I13686
10 Boss, Emily  Abt 1840New Jersey, USA I13685
11 Boss, James  1 Sep 1821New Jersey, USA I13445
12 Boss, Joseph  1794New Jersey, USA I13447
13 Boss, Joseph E.  Mar 1846New Jersey, USA I1283
14 Boss, Margaret  Abt 1845New Jersey, USA I13684
15 Boss, William  13 Feb 1824New Jersey, USA I13362
16 Chambers, William Clyde  6 Sep 1900New Jersey, USA I2170
17 Cook, William  4 Sep 1818New Jersey, USA I12686
18 Creveling, Sarah J. "Nettie"  Feb 1852New Jersey, USA I13614
19 Davidson, Samuel  1810New Jersey, USA I11180
20 Davis, John W  1835New Jersey, USA I1345
21 Davis, William B  1818New Jersey, USA I493
22 Drake, W B  1821New Jersey, USA I6381
23 Helms, Lee R  1868New Jersey, USA I5497
24 Hixon, Rachel  1732New Jersey, USA I13329
25 Hunt, Hannah  3 Jul 1825New Jersey, USA I13363
26 Kitchen, Henry  1728New Jersey, USA I13287
27 McIntire, Sabray  New Jersey, USA I8469
28 Miller, Lydia Ann  1810New Jersey, USA I6727
29 Morris, Lucy  6 Feb 1780New Jersey, USA I11903
30 Murray, Immaculatta  1877New Jersey, USA I7175
31 Murray, Joseph E  1874New Jersey, USA I7100
32 Murray, Mary M  1870New Jersey, USA I1599
33 Murray, Thomas  1867New Jersey, USA I7174
34 Murray, William A  1872New Jersey, USA I4053
35 Rowser, Joseph O  1775New Jersey, USA I5257
36 Sandford, Sabra  28 Aug 1817New Jersey, USA I8436
37 Schubert, Nellie  8 Apr 1872New Jersey, USA I66
38 Sheridan, Bernadette  1915New Jersey, USA I282
39 Sheridan, Frank  29 Jun 1905New Jersey, USA I276
40 Smith, Mildred  New Jersey, USA I8194
41 Suter, Elizabeth  1810New Jersey, USA I10424
42 Tice, Catherine  1750New Jersey, USA I5248
43 VEYER, Madeleine  1 Feb 1897New Jersey, USA I13196


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bassford, Charles Hobby  19 Dec 1930New Jersey, USA I13187
2 Boss, Elizabeth  New Jersey, USA I13686
3 Boss, Elwood  1904New Jersey, USA I13689
4 Boss, Emily  New Jersey, USA I13685
5 Boss, Margaret  New Jersey, USA I13684
6 Cowgill, Sarah  Bef 14 Feb 1786New Jersey, USA I10044


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Morrison, Russell Edward  New Jersey, USA I7418


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bassford, Josephine M  Aug 1876New Jersey, USA I13182
2 Murphy, Annie  1868New Jersey, USA I507
3 Murray, Mary M  1869New Jersey, USA I1599
4 Schade, Henry Carl  Abt 1922New Jersey, USA I1123
5 Sheridan, Bernadette  1915New Jersey, USA I282
6 Sheridan, Winifred  1913New Jersey, USA I518


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Joeck, Mabel Elizabeth  1951New Jersey, USA I13200
2 Storm, Grace B  1951New Jersey, USA I13276
3 Welch, Edwin Vincer  1862New Jersey, USA I5499


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bassford / Joeck  11 Apr 1942New Jersey, USA F9061
2 Hunter / Bassford  1942New Jersey, USA F9062
3 Rickey / Bassford  Jun 1927New Jersey, USA F9057