New York, USA



Latitude: 40.6357, Longitude: -73.9506


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret A.  Aug 1859New York, USA I13204
2 A, S  1853New York, USA I9156
3 Anastasia, Caroline  1822New York, USA I6253
4 Anastasia, Josephine  1818New York, USA I6254
5 Anastasia, Sarah  1788New York, USA I6252
6 Atkins, Elanor  1832New York, USA I9097
7 Atkins, Henrietta  Aug 1842New York, USA I9085
8 Atkins, Ira  1830New York, USA I9094
9 Atkins, Joseph  1797New York, USA I9095
10 Atkins, Sally  1837New York, USA I9098
11 B, Angie  1857New York, USA I8841
12 Bagley, Jane S  1 Oct 1845New York, USA I7300
13 Barry, Bertha Black  Jul 1894New York, USA I13214
14 Bassford, Abram G  1861New York, USA I5495
15 Bassford, Abram Lockwood  1832New York, USA I1740
16 Bassford, Annie Louise  26 Sep 1875New York, USA I1746
17 Bassford, Bernard  1869New York, USA I5534
18 Bassford, Charlotte Mary  14 Aug 1879New York, USA I6182
19 Bassford, Clarissa  1856New York, USA I1742
20 Bassford, Edward  13 Dec 1892New York, USA I6184
21 Bassford, Eugene Earl  1873New York, USA I5505
22 Bassford, Florine A  1856New York, USA I13570
23 Bassford, George Abram  1873New York, USA I6270
24 Bassford, George Washington  1849New York, USA I5484
25 Bassford, George Washington  13 Dec 1880New York, USA I5528
26 Bassford, Henry Hall  1883New York, USA I5529
27 Bassford, Ida  Abt 1847New York, USA I12386
28 Bassford, Ida T.  1862New York, USA I5494
29 Bassford, John A  1921New York, USA I13212
30 Bassford, Joseph McDonald  10 Dec 1821New York, USA I5431
31 Bassford, Kate  New York, USA I13154
32 Bassford, Martha A  1874New York, USA I5506
33 Bassford, Mary Kate  1881New York, USA I5507
34 Bassford, Sarah Ellen  1876New York, USA I5530
35 Bassford, Stephen A.  22 Jan 1913New York, USA I13208
36 Bassford, Stephen Allen  31 Oct 1880New York, USA I13206
37 Bassford, Thomas  Jan 1858New York, USA I5493
38 Bassford, William Henry  21 Jul 1877New York, USA I1745
39 Bassford, William Kipp  14 Nov 1866New York, USA I5417
40 Bernard, Marie  1639New York, USA I10369
41 Besaw, Charlotte Esther  Sep 1862New York, USA I12708
42 Brett, Anna Elizabeth  2 Apr 1891New York, USA I13353
43 Brower, Catherine A. M. Kate  1837New York, USA I12399
44 Casey, Edward  1831New York, USA I2726
45 Castle, Sylvina L  1857New York, USA I6177
46 Clayton, Edwin B  1795New York, USA I5396
47 Coe, Mary Eliza  15 Feb 1834New York, USA I13013
48 Cooper, Almyr Wilder  25 Mar 1857New York, USA I6202
49 Cuatt, Raymond H  1914New York, USA I13004
50 Cuatt, Reuben James  Feb 1866New York, USA I13001

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bassford, Arline May  5 Dec 1932New York, USA I13249
2 Bassford, Evelina  2 Nov 1848New York, USA I5437
3 Bassford, Susan Henrieta  11 Aug 1858New York, USA I13030
4 Bassford, William  1801New York, USA I5421
5 Duryèe, John Thomas  2 Aug 1850New York, USA I5441
6 Jochem, Mathias  1682New York, USA I10351
7 Kelly, John Thomas  27 Jul 1977New York, USA I13084
8 Kipp, Abagail Catherine  18 May 1878New York, USA I5442
9 Packard, Henry O  16 Jun 1880New York, USA I13115
10 Smith, George Benson  1972New York, USA I13079
11 Smith, Thomas Benson "Ben"  26 May 1928New York, USA I13078
12 Toy, Maria  18 Oct 1865New York, USA I5443
13 Tracy, Prescott  1867New York, USA I12398


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Arrival    Person ID 
1 Cmolik, Frances  New York, USA I6436
2 Cmolik, Frances  New York, USA I6436
3 Čmolík, Frank Joseph  New York, USA I12475
4 Čmolík, Frank Joseph  New York, USA I12475
5 Cruickshank, James E  17 Jun 1872New York, USA I1312
6 Hamlin Murray, Anita  19 Jun 1938New York, USA I13264
7 Kaiser, John Baptist  22 Feb 1902New York, USA I104
8 Kittlitz, John Nicholas  1 Dec 1923New York, USA I6349
9 Maeding, Daniel  6 Apr 1887New York, USA I6027
10 Moffa, Carmela Rose  26 Jan 1903New York, USA I6916
11 Moffa, Carmela Rose  26 Jan 1903New York, USA I6916
12 Moffa, Carmela Rose  26 Jan 1903New York, USA I6916
13 Moffa, Carmela Rose  6 Dec 1919New York, USA I6916
14 Moffa, Carmela Rose  6 Dec 1919New York, USA I6916
15 Moffa, Carmela Rose  6 Dec 1919New York, USA I6916
16 Moffa, Carmela Rose  13 Jul 1939New York, USA I6916
17 Mungo, Francesco  17 Mar 1910New York, USA I12615
18 Mungo, Giuseppe Joseph N  28 Mar 1928New York, USA I12627
19 Mungo, Rose Marie  28 Mar 1928New York, USA I12628
20 Passarge, Ernst Reinhold  22 Sep 1924New York, USA I11479
21 Schlitzkus, Frieda  29 Nov 1886New York, USA I6333
22 Stabbert, Carl Ludwig  1899New York, USA I536
23 Stabbert, Caroline  New York, USA I494
24 Stabbert, Caroline  1888New York, USA I494
25 Wren, James  8 Jul 1833New York, USA I9751


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eleanor  1653New York, USA I10352
2 Atkins, Henrietta  1841New York, USA I9085
3 Atkins, Henrietta  1841New York, USA I9085
4 Atkins, Henrietta  Aug 1844New York, USA I9085
5 Atkins, John  1834New York, USA I9087
6 Bassford, Abram Sr  1797New York, USA I1743
7 Bassford, Abram Garfield  1882New York, USA I1747
8 Bassford, Abram Garfield  1884New York, USA I1747
9 Bassford, Boisie  1863New York, USA I5532
10 Bassford, Maynard Marshall  1884New York, USA I1748
11 Bassford, Rebecca Ann  1819New York, USA I5430
12 Bassford, Rebecca Ann  1820New York, USA I5430
13 Bassford, Rebecca Ann  1822New York, USA I5430
14 Bassford, Thomas  1816New York, USA I5429
15 Bassford, Thomas  1820New York, USA I5429
16 Bassford, Victoria C  1837New York, USA I5390
17 Bassford, Victoria C  1838New York, USA I5390
18 Bassford, Victoria C  1840New York, USA I5390
19 Bassford, William Burleigh  1813New York, USA I5427
20 Bassford, William Henry  1877New York, USA I1745
21 Bassford, William Henry  1878New York, USA I1745
22 Bassford, William Henry  1878New York, USA I1745
23 Bassford, William Kipp  1835New York, USA I5391
24 Bassford, William Kipp  1839New York, USA I5391
25 Bassford, William Kipp  1839New York, USA I5391
26 Bassford, William Kipp  1840New York, USA I5391
27 Carmichael, James J  1856New York, USA I858
28 Chambers, Isabelle  1867New York, USA I5407
29 Chambers, Josephine  1839New York, USA I5412
30 Chambers, Josephine  1839New York, USA I5412
31 Chambers, Monmouth H  1832New York, USA I5405
32 Chambers, Monmouth H  1835New York, USA I5405
33 Chambers, Richard A  1804New York, USA I5408
34 Chambers, Richard A  1805New York, USA I5408
35 Clayton, Rebecca  1830New York, USA I5399
36 Coe, Mary Eliza  15 Feb 1830New York, USA I13013
37 Crandall, Jeremiah Ransom  1846New York, USA I7569
38 Cummings, Dorothy  1843New York, USA I5524
39 Cummings, Dorothy  1843New York, USA I5524
40 Evesson, Charles W  1874New York, USA I5404
41 Evesson, Harry  1862New York, USA I5403
42 Fohkes, Amanda Teresa  1835New York, USA I5492
43 Fohkes, Amanda Teresa  1835New York, USA I5492
44 Fohkes, Amanda Teresa  1841New York, USA I5492
45 Fredricks, Ada Ruth  1901New York, USA I1533
46 Fredricks, Ada Ruth  1902New York, USA I1533
47 Herrick, Levi S.  1835New York, USA I12710
48 Herrick, Levi S.  1835New York, USA I12710
49 Hinchen, May S  1871New York, USA I6888
50 Hinchen, May S  1872New York, USA I6888

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Signa, Susannah "Susan"  11 Oct 1855New York, USA I11326


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bassford, Abraham III  1951New York, USA I13226
2 Bassford, Abram Sr  1830New York, USA I1743
3 Bassford, Abram Sr  1860New York, USA I1743
4 Bassford, Abram Sr  1863New York, USA I1743
5 Bassford, Abram Sr  1863New York, USA I1743
6 Bassford, Abram Lockwood  New York, USA I1740
7 Bassford, Abram Lockwood  New York, USA I1740
8 Bassford, Abram Lockwood  1850New York, USA I1740
9 Bassford, Abram Lockwood  1866New York, USA I1740
10 Bassford, Abram Lockwood  1870New York, USA I1741
11 Bassford, Henry Augustus  New York, USA I5436
12 Bassford, Ida  New York, USA I12386
13 Bassford, Ida  1866New York, USA I12386
14 Bassford, Ida  1866New York, USA I12386
15 Bassford, Ida  1866New York, USA I12386
16 Bassford, Janet Frazer  1870New York, USA I398
17 Bassford, Josephine M  New York, USA I13182
18 Bassford, Julia Antoinette  1866New York, USA I12388
19 Bassford, Serena  New York, USA I12387
20 Bassford, Spencer  1866New York, USA I12385
21 Bassford, Stephen Allen  1 Jul 1863New York, USA I5434
22 Bassford, Stephen Allen  1865New York, USA I5434
23 Bassford, Wallace Vincent  1866New York, USA I12390
24 Bassford, William Byrla  1820New York, USA I5425
25 Cummings, Dorothy  New York, USA I5524
26 Duryèe, John Thomas  1810New York, USA I5441
27 Duryèe, John Thomas  1815New York, USA I5441
28 Hopson, Philo  1804New York, USA I11809
29 Jongbloedt, Abraham  1664New York, USA I10371
30 Kipp, Samuel  1786New York, USA I11182
31 Kipp, Samuel  1786New York, USA I11182
32 Kipp, Thomas  1803New York, USA I12395
33 Knapp III, Captain Captain Moses Iii  1786New York, USA I12778
34 McFeat, James  New York, USA I5370
35 Packard, Henry O  New York, USA I13115
36 Seacord, Amelia Amanda  1855New York, USA I5445
37 Signa, Susannah "Susan"  1863New York, USA I11326
38 Signa, Susannah "Susan"  1863New York, USA I11326
39 Smith, Eugene Francis  1870New York, USA I13075
40 Smith, Virginia Evelyn  1966New York, USA I13076
41 Smith, Virginia Evelyn  1966New York, USA I13076
42 Tanner, Florence B  New York, USA I8604
43 Welch, Edwin V Kingebridge  1866New York, USA I5498
44 Wright, Mary Elizabeth  1850New York, USA I462
45 Wright, Mary Elizabeth  1860New York, USA I462


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bassford /   4 Mar 1880New York, USA F9064
2 Bassford / Duryee  1790New York, USA F1845
3 Bassford / Hobby  2 Oct 1884New York, USA F9056
4 Jochem /   1677New York, USA F3041


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bassford / Kipp  Bef 1832New York, USA F789
2 Jochem /   1677New York, USA F3041
3 Seacord / Signa  30 Apr 1857New York, USA F8382