Tennessee, USA



Latitude: 35.705, Longitude: -84.9584


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Awalt, Daniel  1818Tennessee, USA I7165
2 Awalt, George  23 Dec 1812Tennessee, USA I7137
3 Awalt, Henry  1804Tennessee, USA I7163
4 Awalt, Jacob  1802Tennessee, USA I7164
5 Awalt, William Michael  3 Nov 1834Tennessee, USA I7145
6 Aynesworth, George Levin  13 Nov 1840Tennessee, USA I7916
7 Barber, John Hutcheson  1830Tennessee, USA I1820
8 Barber, Sallie Ann  25 Sep 1825Tennessee, USA I1818
9 Barber, William  1828Tennessee, USA I1819
10 Beasley, Anderson C.  1847Tennessee, USA I9414
11 Beasley, Elina  1879Tennessee, USA I9418
12 Beasley, John W.  1870Tennessee, USA I9415
13 Beasley, Lula E.  1873Tennessee, USA I9416
14 Beasley, Mary E.  1848Tennessee, USA I9413
15 Beasley, Oliver D  Jun 1874Tennessee, USA I9412
16 Beasley, Oscar  1877Tennessee, USA I9417
17 Blackburn, James Gideon  Tennessee, USA I12826
18 Board, Jennie  1871Tennessee, USA I7895
19 Board, Nancy  1849Tennessee, USA I7905
20 Bowen, John Wriggs  18 Feb 1831Tennessee, USA I7133
21 Bradshaw, Rebecca  4 Mar 1815Tennessee, USA I7136
22 Bryan, Sarah Elizabeth  Apr 1835Tennessee, USA I1685
23 Burrage, Mary  8 May 1641Tennessee, USA I1106
24 Burrows, Abigale  1840Tennessee, USA I5912
25 Burrows, James  1841Tennessee, USA I5914
26 Burrows, John G  4 Feb 1842Tennessee, USA I1397
27 Burrows, Russell  1820Tennessee, USA I5920
28 Burrows, Samuel  1838Tennessee, USA I5913
29 Burrows, Thomas  22 Nov 1844Tennessee, USA I5916
30 Burrows, William Brandon  1798Tennessee, USA I12231
31 C, Mary  May 1869Tennessee, USA I6874
32 Callahan, Michael  May 1830Tennessee, USA I7001
33 Carroll, Samuel  1795Tennessee, USA I9135
34 Coppock, Anna Emily  18 Mar 1781Tennessee, USA I6901
35 Creswell, Andrew  1835Tennessee, USA I5340
36 Crockett, Julia Ann  1800Tennessee, USA I9134
37 Crosnoe, Hardy Crider  1820Tennessee, USA I10883
38 Deaver, Texas Clementine  29 Jan 1869Tennessee, USA I10215
39 Elizabeth  1820Tennessee, USA I7105
40 Faulkner, Amanda Elizabeth  Oct 1836Tennessee, USA I304
41 Faulkner, George R  Abt 1839Tennessee, USA I305
42 Faulkner, John T  1841Tennessee, USA I306
43 Faulkner, Mary Jane  1834Tennessee, USA I303
44 Faulkner, Nancy Rebecca  Aug 1841Tennessee, USA I308
45 Faulkner, Neal B  10 Dec 1844Tennessee, USA I175
46 Faulkner, Robert Copeland  15 Feb 1848Tennessee, USA I11
47 Faulkner, William Mooney  Abt 1843Tennessee, USA I307
48 Gwen, Elizabeth O  21 Nov 1832Tennessee, USA I1636
49 Ivy, Catherine D "Kate"  May 1848Tennessee, USA I12417
50 Leonard, John  Abt 1822Tennessee, USA I10615

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Burrows, Russell  1850Tennessee, USA I5920
2 Hawkins, Mary  1863Tennessee, USA I10214
3 Spencer, Lucinda  9 Jun 1880Tennessee, USA I9880
4 Watterson, Elizabeth  1890Tennessee, USA I2961


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Awalt, George  1813Tennessee, USA I7137
2 Aynesworth, George Levin  1841Tennessee, USA I7916
3 Aynesworth, George Levin  1841Tennessee, USA I7916
4 Barber, Robert Thompson  1831Tennessee, USA I1361
5 Barber, Robert Thompson  1833Tennessee, USA I1361
6 Barbour, Benjamin Franklyn  1837Tennessee, USA I1363
7 Barbour, Hugh S  1835Tennessee, USA I1362
8 Barbour, Hugh S  1835Tennessee, USA I1362
9 Barbour, Hugh S  1836Tennessee, USA I1362
10 Beasley, Oliver D  1875Tennessee, USA I9412
11 Beasley, Oliver D  1877Tennessee, USA I9412
12 Beasley, Oliver D  1877Tennessee, USA I9412
13 Bowen, John Wriggs  1831Tennessee, USA I7133
14 Burrows, John G  1817Tennessee, USA I1407
15 Burrows, John G  1842Tennessee, USA I1397
16 Burrows, John G  1843Tennessee, USA I1397
17 Burrows, John G  1843Tennessee, USA I1397
18 Burrows, John G  1844Tennessee, USA I1397
19 Burrows, William Brandon  1796Tennessee, USA I12231
20 Harris, Elizabeth  1830Tennessee, USA I5318
21 Lane, Rolin  1815Tennessee, USA I5321
22 Lane, Rolin  1816Tennessee, USA I5321
23 Lane, Rolin  1820Tennessee, USA I5321
24 McDonald, Anna Maria  1810Tennessee, USA I7081
25 Moreland, Johnathan  1814Tennessee, USA I10261
26 Nichols, James Garfield  1872Tennessee, USA I1588
27 Roberts, Laura  1891Tennessee, USA I9033
28 Rogers, Mary  1825Tennessee, USA I7110
29 Rogers, Mary  1826Tennessee, USA I7110
30 Rogers, Mary  1826Tennessee, USA I7110
31 Stone, Fountain Garrett  1810Tennessee, USA I7082
32 Wood, Grur  1832Tennessee, USA I5956


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Burrows, William Brandon  1850Tennessee, USA I12231


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Burrows, John G  1862Tennessee, USA I1407
2 Spencer, Samuel B  Tennessee, USA I9881


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aynesworth / Seaton  18 Jun 1822Tennessee, USA F2415
2 Ottinger / Hill  22 Aug 1869Tennessee, USA F1329