This graphic illustrates the historic movement of the G2a Haplogroup (Faulkner: farmers and goat herders) from the area east of the Black Sea into Europe beginning about 9000 BCE until about 4000 BCE and then the movement of the R1b Haplogroup  (Schwarze: bread/beer makers and cattle prodders) from the steppes East of the Caspian Sea into Europe from about 3000 BCE through 1000 BCE, eventually replacing the original G2a migrants.

This family history website represents the coming together of two unique and geographically distinct family groups. The Faulkner genetic heritage is almost entirely descended from the British Isles, primarily Ireland. The Schwarze family line is descended from German, Polish, Lithuanian and Bohemian roots. The Faulkners arrived in the United States around the mid-1820s with many other pre-famine Scots-Irish and the Schwarzes arrived around 1885 in the mid-West and joined other German speaking emigrants in their movement West. The ultimate destination and the basis of the marriage that brought these families together was the promised land of California. The Faulkners were stockmen and cattle raisers and the Schwarzes were farmers. This family website will by definition always remain a work in progress.

The underlying intention of this project is to both capture and preserve the family trees and relationships of both the Faulkners and the Schwarzes, as well as the historic details that describe and define their life journeys. The genealogical information presented in this website is ongoing and is only as accurate as the source records themselves. My long-term hope is that the future participants in this project of the Faulkner and Schwarze Families continue to provide additional information and detail to their stories.

 Bob Faulkner 

To Leave Something Behind by Sean Rowe.

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