Fortner child grandchildFrank Yoseguardianship  4/7/18715/8/1871  
FortnerNancy Frank Yoastguardianship  4/18/1871   
FaulknerNancy E WB Davisguardianship  3/26/18739/5/1873  
FaulknerNancy E WB Davisguardianship  8/14/18738/18/1873  
FaulknerNancy E William Faulknerguardianship  12/11/1874   
Faulkner, et alMiss Guy WolfenbergerAgentw5056/26/18732/19/1876 C Wolfenberger Est
Falkner   et alElizabeth Daniel C HendricksP/Aw5086/26/18732/19/1876  
FaulknerSally Mrs AE Rhodes, et alWillw30110/24/187511/25/1875stock& Land 
BarberJane RC Folknerdeed  12/27/1875 100 acresborders Reagan
WolfenbergerGuy RC Faulknerdeedu60711/27/18741/11/187550 acresSamuel Wolfenberger
FaulknerRCborders Watson & ReaganDM Regandeedu7704/1/187511/25/187550 acresSamuel Wolfenberger
 Sallie   w30110/29/187511/25/1875  
 RCnear RoachDM Regandeedw30410/30/187511/25/187525 acresSamuel Wolfenberger
Reagan  EC Bartholomew 14113/12/1881 127 acres 
BartholomewEC Oscelola Archer 21444/15/1881 50 + 25 acresfrom Regan
ArcherOscelola LJ Wright 21469/17/1881   
WrightLJ August Wolf 482223971 337 acres25+75+60+127+100 acres
FaulknerRC & Sallieborders Reagan/OsborneJE Robertsdeed45010/30/18753/3/188365 acresSamuel Wolfenberger
FaulknerNeal JE Robertsdeed4494/12/18763/3/188362 acresSamuel Wolfenberger
RobertsJE & SJ RC Penterfdeed4463/2/18833/3/188362 & 65 acresSamuel Wolfenberger
PenterfRC Mary Hendrix   11/1/1884 127 acresSamuel Wolfenberger
HendrixMaryLG Ellis promissory notesSpencer Van Devanteroil lease455633440 127 acresSamuel Wolfenberger
HendrixJDpromissory notesWA McCrodREN681127243 127 acresSamuel Wolfenberger
   Verlin Hendrix      Samuel Wolfenberger
FaulknerRCNE Section?JA Roachdeedw36510/30/187512/28/187575 acresSamuel Wolfenberger
RoachJA John I Meridethdeedy23012/4/18774/26/187875 acresSamuel Wolfenberger
MeridethJohn I RC Penterfdeed219411/3/188111/12/188175 acresSamuel Wolfenberger
PenterfRC Lewis Wrightdeed637911/1/188411/15/188475 acresSamuel Wolfenberger
WrightLewis JJames L & LelaAugust Wolfdeed482223971399775 acresSamuel Wolfenberger
WrightLJ August Wolf 482223971 337 acres25+75+60+127+100 acres
WrightLJ S Van Devanteroil lease2528210/9/1896 337 acres 
BartholomewEC Thomas Pfeifferrelease546405089 76 1/2 acres 
Barth  George Walling 41702099 66 acres? 
WrightLJ Orgain 2528210/9/1896 60 acres 
WolfM JB Wolf 635846547 209187+22 acres
WolfM JB Wolf 636076547 213 
WolfJBWolfridge RoadPierce Wolfenberger 675887209 75 acres 
WolfJB Henry Beck 675907209 135113+22 acres
WolfTJNW corner Mays LeagueJohn Wilhelm 6897223 222 acres 
WilhelmJohn Ed Wilhelm 9236    
WolfTJ Ed Wilhelm 926812117   
WolfenbergerSamuel William Barber H4078/2/18528/16/1852200 acresSamuel Wolfenberger
WolfenbergerSamuel  Probate minEpg 276   Samuel Wolfenberger
Wolfenberger   Map Index1pg 59   Samuel Wolfenberger
Wolfenberger?near John T WatsonWilliam Faulkner     250 and 50 acresthrough William Barber
WolfenbergerPierce PC Maynard 665747063 3 tracts 
SmithJamesborders CunninghamJane Barber     253 acresN line of Lentz League
KnightCol James William Barber     300 acresoriginal
BarberJane Johnathan HolligindeedK61510/9/185710/23/1857300Knight
BarberJaneborders HW BasfordThomas WileybondK4399/15/18562/14/1857100Wolfenberger
BarberHugh BH PannelldeedL5325/23/18605/28/1860253Andrew Mays League

Spanish customary units

Castilian system of units
Spanish English Length in pies Length in SI Units Imperial Units
punto “point” 11728 0.1613 mm 0.00635 in
línea “line” 1144 1.935 mm 0.0762 in
pulgada inch112 24.5 mm 0.9142 in
pie “foot” 1 278.6 mm 10.969 in
vara yard 3 0.8359 m 32.909 in
paso “pace” 5 1.3932 m 54.850 in
milla mile 5000 1393.2 m 4570.9 ft
legua “league” 15000 4.1795 km 2.597 mi

There are a number of Spanish units of measurement of length or area that are now virtually obsolete (due to metrication). They include the vara, the cordel, the league and the labor. The units of area used to express the area of land are still encountered in some transactions in land today. For example, the ‘vara’ is still used in Costa Rica when ordering lumber.

vara (meaning “rod” or “pole”, abbreviation: var) is an old Spanish unit of length. Varas are a surveying unit that appear in many deeds in the southern United States, and varas were also used in many parts of Latin America. It varied in size at various times and places; the Spanish unit was set at about 835.905 mm (32.91 in) in 1801In Argentina, the vara measured about 866 mm (34.1 in), and typical urban lots are 8.66 m (28.41 ft) wide (10 Argentine varas). At some time a value of 33 inches (838.2 mm) was adopted in California.

In Texas, a vara was defined as 33 13 inches (846.67 mm), or 1 yard = 1.08 vara.[ The vara and the corresponding unit of area, the square vara, were introduced in the 19th century to measure Spanish land grants. In TexasStephen F. Austin‘s early surveying contracts required that he use the vara as a standard unit. The vara can be seen in many deeds as late as the mid to late 1900s. 1 acre (0.405 ha) is equivalent to 5,645.376 Texan square varas. A league is equivalent to 5,000 varas squared or 4,428.4 acres (1,792.11 ha).

To convert varas to feet, take the varas and divide by 0.36.

Standardization of measurement in Texas came with the introduction of varas, cordels, and leagues.

A measure of 100 varas by 100 varas (Spanish) is almost 7000 square meters, and is known traditionally throughout Latin America as a manzana (i.e., a “city block”). As well, lumber is still measured in Costa Rica using a system based on 4 vara, or 11 feet, for both round and square wood. With square wood, using inches, the width is multiplied by the depth to get a measurement which they call pulgadas, or inches. The lumber is charged ‘per inch’, which is a measurement 11/12 of a board foot.


labor (/ləˈbɔːr/ in West Texas) is a unit of area, used to express the area of land, that is equal to 1 million square varas. A labor is equivalent to about 177.1 acres (71.67 ha). It was used in the archaic system of old Spanish land grants affecting Texas and parts of adjoining states. The labor is often used as an approximate equivalent to a quarter-section (that is, one quarter of a square mile of land). It is still encountered in modern real estate transactions.


league can also be a unit of area, used to express the area of land, that is equal to 25 million square varas. A (square) league is equivalent to about 4,428.4 acres (1,792.11 ha). It was used in the archaic system of old Spanish land grants affecting Texas and parts of adjoining states and this use of league is used throughout the Texas Constitution.

A common Texas land grant size, discussed in James A. Michener‘s Texas, was a “labor and a league:” a labor of good riparian land and a (square) league of land away from the river.

The (square) league is still encountered in modern real estate transactions.