Reginald Falcun  1187

William the Falconer 1200

Matheus the Falconer 1202

Ranulph the Falconer Kincardenshire 1211

Colord le ffauconer  1264

Richard le Fauconer  1273

Walter le Fauconer 1273

Gervase the Falconer 1296

Robert le Fauconer 1296

Martin Faucun  1318

Walter Facun 1346

Geoffrey le Fauconer 1327 Former Vicor of Chesham

Alexander Falconer. 1st Lord Falconer of Halkertoun was born before 1622. He was the son of Sir Alexander Falconer.  Alexander Falconer, 1st Lord Falconer of Halkertoun held the office of Lord of Session.  He was created 1st Lord Falconer of Halkertoun [Scotland on 20 December 1647.

Patrick Falconer New Jersey 1658

Gilbert Faulkner Maryland 1686

John Faulkiner 1702

Sir Riggs Faulkner 1712

Caleb Faulkner Cork, Ireland 1720

Sir George Aubrey Faulkner (1881-1930), member of the South African cricket team for about two decades

Barry Faulkner, painter from New Hampshire, former student of the sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, and also cousin of Abbott Handerson Thayer (the so-called “father of camouflage”). Worked with Sherry Edmundson Fry to set up the first American  Camouflage Unit.

Bayard H. Faulkner, (1894-1983), former mayor of Montclair, New Jersey, USA in the 1950s

Brian Faulkner (The Right Honourable (Arthur) Brian Deane Faulkner) (1921-1977), Baron Faulkner of Downpatrick, the sixth and last Prime Minister of Northern Ireland

Cameron Faulkner (born 1984), Australian rules football player for the Western Bulldogs of Footscray, in Melbourne

Charles Faulkner (author), American life coach, motivational speaker, trader and writer

 Charles J. Faulkner (1806-1884), United States Representative from Virginia and West Virginia

Charles J. Faulkner (1847-1929), a United States Senator from West Virginia (son of theabove)

Daniel Faulkner (1955-1981), a Philadelphia police officer who was murdered in the line of duty by a member of the Black Panther Party

Dave Faulkner, composer and one of the original members of the Sydney rock band, the        Hoodoo Gurus

David Faulkner (born 1963), former field hockey player & gold medal winner at the 1988 Summer Olympic Games

Elizabeth Faulkner, Pastry Chef from San Francisco, CA. 

Eric Faulkner (born Eric Falconer), guitarist in the 1970s band the Bay City Rollers

George Faulkner, an Irish publisher who in 1735 published a complete set of Jonathan Swift’s works; Volume III was the famous novel Gulliver’s Travels

Harris Faulkner, American newscaster for Fox News Channel

James Hugh Faulkner, PC (born 1933), a former Canadian politician

Jack Faulkner (born 1926):an American football coach and administrator

James Faulkner (born 1948), British television and film star

John Faulkner (1954}, member of the Australian Senate: since April of 1989

John Alfred Faulkner DD (1857-1931) and American church historian

John Meade Falkner (185-*1932), an English novelist

Larry Faulkner, until February 2006, the twenty-seventy president of the University of Texas at Austin

Lisa Faulkner (born 1973) and English actress

Herbert Gustavus Max Faulkner, OBF (1916-2005), and English golfer

Mike Faulkner, bass player in the band The Damn Personals

Padraig Faulkner (born 1918), a senior Irish Fianna F6il politician

Raymond O. Faulkner (1894-1982), English Egyptologist and philologist

Sally Faulkner, a British film and television actress from the 1970s

Sanford Faulkner (1806-1874), Colonel in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War, and composer of the popular fiddle tune The Arkansas Traveler

Shannon Faulkner (born 1975), first female cadet to enter The Citadel military college in South Carolina

Walt Faulkner (1920-1956), American racing driver from Tell, Texas

William Faulkner (1897-1962), Nobel Prize-winning novelist from Mississippi

William Clark Falkner (1825-1839), soldier, lawyer, politician, businessman, and author in northern Mississippi. Great-grandfather of author William Faulkner (above)

First or middle name Faulkner

Bruce Faulkner Caputo (born 1943), US Congressman from New York.

Charles Faulkner Bryan (1911-1955), American composer, musician, music educator and collector of folk music

Jill Faulkner Summers, daughter of William Faulkner, who in 1972 sold his house Rowan Oak to the University of Mississippi

Fictional Characters named Faulkner:

Allen Faulkner, a British mercenary played by Richard Burton in the 1978 movie The Wild Geese

Bjorn Faulkner, one of the main characters in the 1934 play called Night of January 16th

Kiry Faulkner, a DC Comics superheroine known as Rampage who has appeared in numerous comics, usually involving Superman or Starman

Places named Faulkner or Falkner: In the United States:

Falkner, Mississippi, a town in Tippah County, named after William Clark Falkner

Faulkner County, Arkansas

Faulkner Butte, Crook, Oregon

Faulkner Cemetery, Madison, New York

Faulkner Complex, Charlottesville, Virginia

Faulkner Gap, Faulkner, Arkansas

Faulkner House, Albemarle, Virginia

Faulkner Lake, Polk Arkansas

Faulkner Mountain Lookout Tower, Saluda, South Carolina

Faulkner Prairie, Humbolt, California

Faulkner Ridge Elementary School, Howard, Maryland

Faulkner Road, South Laguna Beach, California

Falkner Island (also called Faulkner’s Island), a crescent-shaped island located in Long Island Sound 3 miles (5 km) off the coast of Guilford, Connecticut

Faulkner University, a private Christian university located in Montgomery, Alabama

See also

The Faulkner Act (New Jersey’, named in honour of Bayard H. Faulkner

Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co., a British company which existed from 1861 to 1875 and manufactured furnishings and interior decorations

The PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction, named after William Faulkner, who donated his 1949 Nobel Prize winnings to establish it.

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