Cuthbert is a ghost town in Mitchell CountyTexasUnited States. Cuthbert was established in 1890 when the founder D. T. Bozeman built a wagonyard and store.[2] The community and post office were named for Thomas Cuthbertson, a family friend of the Bozemans.[1] By the early 1920s, Cuthbert had a church, two stores, a blacksmith shop, a cotton gin, telephone office, and a school.[2]In 1920 the T. and P. Abrams No. 1 oil well, one of the first commercial oil ventures in the Permian Basin, was drilled just over a mile north of the town.

Coordinates: 32°28′53″N 101°01′55″WCoordinates32°28′53″N 101°01′55″W