1801-1907 229 Faulkner land grants were issued from the federal government 

1803-1948 Most Faulkner immigrants to the US came from England, Ireland and Nova Scotia

1844 There were 244 Faulkner families living in the US with the majority living in New York (36)

1850 The most common causes of death among Faulkners were Consumption 12.7%, Typhoid Fever 6.3%, Brain Fever 3.8%, old age 3.8%, Pneumonia 3.8%, Apoplexy 2.5%, Cancer 2.5%, Cholera 2.5% and Congestion of the brain 2.5%.  Other causes of death listed in the 19th Century: Hyves,Wore Out, Overheated,Yellow Ganders, Overflow of the Brain, Bad Management and Sudden (ie Fell off horse, broke neck and never said a word after.j

1861-1865 493 Faulkner Union soldiers and 429 Confederate soldiers participated in the Civil War

1880 The primary vocations of most Faulkner families were Keeping house (At home keeps house) Farmer, Laborer.

1881 In England, the highest density of the surname Faulkner was in Lancashire and London counties

1900 2729 Faulkner families with most still living in New York with an average household size of 4.71.

1914-1918 3104 Faulkner draft registrants with most out of New York.

1920 4204 Faulkner households of which 45% owned a home;  77% of the individuals were literate.  States with the highest household count wer New York 360, Kentucky 244, Illinois 237, Texas 236 and Ohio 190.  In 1920 the Faulkner surname was comprised of11683 listed as white, 1046 listed as black, 219 listed as multi-racial and 26 listed as American Indian. 

1939-1945 1337 Faulkner soldiers joined the US Army. 10.9% showed only two years of High School.

Today the highest concentration of Faulkner households are in Texas 1120, California 943, North Carolina 851, Florida 791, and Tennessee 764..

Places of Origin

England 669  Most out of Liverpool 1370 or Southhampton 653.
Ireland 287
Nova Scotia 104
Canada 74
Scotland 37
Australia 22