Digby the County, Nova Scotia

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Digby County is a county in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia.

Taking its name from the Township of Digby, which has been named in honor of Rear Admiral Robert Digby who dispatched HMS Atlanta to convey Loyalists from New York City in the spring of 1783 two Conway, which became known as Digby.  Digby County was established in 1837. Previously, from August 17, 1759 when Nova Scotia was first divided into counties, this area had been part of Annapolis County.

24 years later in 1861 Digby County was divided into two districts: the district of Digby and the district of Clara.

Marshalltown, Digby County

It is approximately halfway between St. Mary’s Bay and Annapolis Basin.

The settlement was named after Anthony Marshall, an early settler, and was settled by Loyalists in the late 18th century.

St. Pauls Anglican church was built around 1842 and consecrated August 9, 1844.

The school house was built about 1830.

In 1856 Edward J Haynes opened a post way office.

A home for the poor and harmless insane was built here in the 1890s.

Agriculture is a major industry. Population in 1956 was 409.